Holiday home abroad FAQs

Why is overseas property insurance important?

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Out of sight, out of mind? Not quite. You’ll want to keep your pride and joy in tip-top condition while out of the country. That starts with considering holiday home insurance. With Intasure by your side, you will know that your home has protection whether occupied or not. Leaks, floods and other forms of damage

Do you insure holiday homes in every country?

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At Intasure, we cover a wide range of holiday homes across the UK and more than 40 countries and territories throughout the EU and beyond. However, the scope of cover varies between different nations, and in certain markets, our cover is limited by local rules. If you have any queries about the level of cover

What factors affect the cost of holiday home insurance?

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Various factors affect the cost of holiday home insurance, including the popularity of the area, the location of the property, and its likelihood to face a natural disaster. Other contributing factors are building size and the construction materials used. We take into account all these variables and more when calculating your risks to determine a

Can I insure multiple holiday homes?

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Yes, we provide foreign holiday home insurance for those who have multiple properties abroad, as well as investors. It can be more convenient and cost-effective to insure all of your holiday homes with one insurer. With Intasure, you can do just that. This presents you with an easy to manage policy.

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