What do I do if I get a call asking for my details and I don’t think it is a legitimate?

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To help prevent fraud - before requesting your bank details to provide you with a refund by phone, we will always validate with you information that we hold on file; information that only you would know. This information could include your address or specific policy details. Any refund we provide will only be for one

Can I have all my covers under one policy?

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In many cases- yes, Gallagher can offer insurance policies with a number of sections covering loss or damage and liabilities. In some cases, particularly if you require a specialist cover such as “Public liability insurance”, we may have to issue more than one policy document.

Do you cover a start up business?

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Yes- we are happy to assist with new ventures. Many businesses needing insurance for the first time require a little help and guidance as to what types of insurances are available, especially those insurances that are required to enable a company to comply with any relevant laws. We are happy to discuss this with you

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