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Protect yourself with Business Insurance.

Owning a business is undoubtedly a rewarding endeavour; however, it’s not without risk. And we don’t just mean in a commercial sense. For instance, an employee or customer could injure themselves at work and claim compensation. Or a natural disaster could render your place of work unusable, leading to losses. Whatever the risk, business insurance can safeguard your finances and assets from harm, so you can focus on doing what you do best.

What is business insurance?

Business insurance is a cover that financially protects you against a series of risks that could negatively impact your business. Depending on what type of business you own, there are several lines of coverage to consider, including liability insurance, commercial property protection, unoccupied property and more. Finding the right cover starts with understanding your business operations. So, whether you’re a shop, office, block of flats, or bed and breakfast, get in touch with the Intasure team today, and we’ll talk you through the options.

Do I need business insurance?

That depends, as some business insurance cover is mandatory. For example, all businesses require employers’ liability protection by law, offering financial aid when an employee is injured or falls ill on-site. Some business insurance also adds credibility to your company’s name, which can help to assure partners that you’re a safe pair of hands.

What businesses do we insure?

We insure businesses across a wide range of sectors and industries. From boutique cafés to online shops and expert tradespeople, our staff advise professionals on what risks they face and which cover is most suitable.

The following list includes several of the business insurance services that we offer:

Café Insurance
Do you own a café? Then you may want to consider café insurance. This policy provides you with commercial building insurance and accidental damage protection*, among other lines of cover. We also offer café owners’ liability insurance and can insure you against other risks unique to your business, such as goods lost in transit.
*Please refer to your policy details, accidental damage cover is an optional extra which can be included in your policy.

Pub and Club Insurance
Licensed premises, such as pubs and clubs, need a specialist policy protecting them from the industry’s unique risks. Therefore, pub and club insurance protects against contents and stock loss, accidental damage, and business interruption. We also offer product liability insurance up to £5 million, which could prove invaluable should a customer claim compensation for food or alcohol poisoning. Plus, we provide cover that steps in if you lose your liquor license. If you own the building your bar or club operates from, we can assist you with buildings insurance. And if you’re a landlord, you can get a quote from our property insurance department.*
*Please refer to your policy details, accidental damage cover is an optional extra which can be included in your policy.

Hotel Insurance
We’re one of the most experienced Hotel insurance providers, equipping proprietors with household and business protection around the globe. Choose our policy, and you’ll receive a host of benefits, including automatic buildings cover up to £1 million and public, and products liability cover up to £5 million.

Guest House Insurance
If you run a family-owned boutique hotel, we can provideGuest house insurance. This policy comprises both household and business protection along with multiple other forms of insurance. It includes cover for up to 8 letting rooms, home emergencies, business interruption, and your household contents, equipment, and stock.

Bed and Breakfast Insurance
Our specialist bed and breakfast insurance can safeguard you from any complications that arise from using your home as a place of business. Be mindful that your regular home insurance typically won’t be sufficient to cover you from these additional risks, such as a guest falling ill or making a claim. Therefore, we offer public liability cover as standard for these situations. You’ll also receive business interruption protection and automatic building cover up to £1 million.

Shop Insurance
Our extensive experience working with retailers has culminated in a specialised shops insurance policy covering the numerous risks these businesses face. As standard, you’ll receive buildings insurance that protects the structural integrity of your property, but we also offer bespoke cover for landlords tailored around loss of rent. Other protection includes accidental damage, business interruption, public liability, product liability, and more.*
* Please refer to your policy details, accidental damage cover is an optional extra which can be included in your policy.

Business Professionals Insurance
As every company differs in size, structure, industry, and needs, our team can find you a business professionals insurance package suited to your specific requirements. And since your working hours are often long and unpredictable, we also provide evening and weekend support.

New Business Start-up Insurance
Starting a new venture is often stressful, so why not feel a little more at peace with our new business start-up insurance? Our policies suit most trades and occupations, protecting against everything from natural disasters to business interruption. What’s more, our customer service team are on-hand to discuss any business insurance-related questions you might have and can tailor policies to your needs.

Tradesman Insurance
At Intasure, we understand the needs of the manufacturing industry, and, as such, offer business combined insurance policies that protect against the relevant risks. Plumbers, gas engineers, and electricians will love our tradesman insurance cover, which safeguards against public liability, product liability, and employers’ liability. We also offer buildings insurance for tradespeople that own a company premises. Only need to protect the building structure? We’ve got landlord insurance for that, too.

Contractors’ Insurance
Whether you work in a high or low-risk occupation, Intasure can offer contractors’ insurance. We can supply public liability insurance, employers’ liability protection, and contents cover for larger businesses with premises. The latter protects computer equipment, stock, money, and more. You’ll also receive several other essential covers, such as contract works insurance, personal accident protection, and cover for business tools.

Craftsman Insurance
We offer a business combined insurance policy specifically designed to protect craftsmen. Craftsman insurance includes public, products, and employers’ liability. If you own the building your craft business operates within, we can provide buildings insurance too. Likewise, we offer landlord insurance if you only need to protect the structure of the building.

Distribution and Wholesaler Insurance
Intasure have developed a specialist distribution and wholesaler insurance policy that safeguards against the unique risks that the industry faces. We offer product liability cover alongside buildings protection for distributors and wholesalers based in the UK. You’ll also receive cover for damage caused to any contents and stock. Business interruption, rental income, loss of license, and other optional covers are also available.

Homeworkers’ Insurance
Working from home is now the norm for many people. That’s why Intasure has developed a specialised homeworkers’ insurance policy to offer protection against the risks associated with operating from a residential property. Unlike insurance companies who won’t cover personal premises used for business, we do here at Intasure. We can also offer insurance for business equipment, such as computers, printers, contents, and stock. Other popular cover includes liability insurance and buildings and contents protection.

Office Insurance
Our office insurance policy covers accidental damage and extends to protect business equipment used away from your premises. We’ll also safeguard you from business interruption and increased working costs following an insured incident at your office. Public and employee liability insurance protects you up to £10 million*.
* Please refer to your policy details, accidental damage cover is an optional extra which can be included in your policy.

Online Business Insurance
Many businesses don’t have physical premises anymore but still need to insure their equipment and stock. Therefore, if you own an online shop, you may want to consider purchasing our online business insurance. We also offer liability insurance as an optional cover.

Other Enterprises Insurance
At Gallagher, we have developed protection for niche businesses that aren’t featured above. So, if you operate in an industry you can’t see on this page, rest assured that we are still capable of offering a bespoke policy that safeguards against similar risks. You can learn more about our other enterprises’ insurance by clicking the link above, where you’ll find everything from public liability protection to catering premises cover.
* Please refer to your policy details, accidental damage cover is an optional extra which can be included in your policy.

Why choose Intasure/Gallagher?

We have an experienced customer service team on-hand, who can help you deal with any issues relating to business insurance. Our experience in the sector means we’re well placed to tailor policies to your requirements and offer a wide choice of optional cover.

Business Insurance FAQs

Please note that these Frequently Asked Questions are not a substitute for the policy wording. For full terms and conditions, please see the policy documentation.

What is covered by business insurance?2022-04-22T17:14:42+01:00

Generally speaking, standard policies protect your organisation from losses and incidents at work. However, the cover will vary depending on which business insurance you purchase. Speak to our team today to discuss the risks posed to your business.

Is business insurance a legal requirement?2022-04-22T17:02:02+01:00

This depends on the business in question as some companies are required by law to have insurance depending on their sector. For example, solicitors and accountants must have professional indemnity insurance. Likewise, it is a legal requirement within the UK to have employers’ liability cover if you employ staff.

While most insurance isn’t mandatory, your business could suffer financially without the appropriate cover. What’s more, your clients may ask you to have insurance before starting a new relationship. So, why take the risk? Protect yourself today against mistakes, accidents, theft, damage, and legal fees.

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