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If you’re fortunate enough to own a second home, you may want to consider taking out insurance to ensure adequate protection is in place — especially for when it’s left unoccupied for an extended period. That’s because, unless you have someone keeping a close eye on things, you might not know what’s happening until it’s too late.

That’s why Intasure’s second home insurance exists. This property insurance policy can provide financial protection for your property should a disaster occur.

We offer second home property insurance in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands) and across Europe, including Spain, France and Italy. We also offer cover for select locations outside of Europe. What’s more, we cover second homes ranging from holiday lets to apartments, caravans, and country retreats. So, get in touch if you want a quick second home insurance quote!

What is second home insurance?

Second home insurance is a policy that protects a property away from your primary residence.
Why is second home insurance so important? Well, a minor inconvenience such as a dripping tap can turn into a major issue if it’s not fixed straight away. What’s more, a significant problem, such as a burst water pipe during the winter, could cause extensive damage to your home’s structure. A minor problem can quickly become a major headache for second homeowners, as you’re likely not at the property often enough to avert every issue.

However, with second home insurance from Intasure, you can get financial support for insured claims when the worst happens. Our insurance packages cover properties in the UK and select locations abroad – but more on these later.

What does second home insurance cover?

Second property insurance provides a range of cover. As you might expect from a home insurance policy, buildings and contents cover are the most basic form of protection.

However, the protection your policy provides will depend on the extent of the cover you take out. For example, a basic policy can cover problems like loss or damage to buildings caused by fire, smoke, lightning storms and flooding. Likewise, it will also depend on whether your property is unfurnished. For example, accidental damage or vandalism may be excluded from your policy if the damage occurred while the property was unfurnished.

Here’s a summary of what our second home insurance policies typically include:

*Buildings and contents insurance

  • Damage from natural disasters.

  • Physical loss or damage caused by smoke, riot, malicious damage, storm, flood, hail, or avalanches.

  • Escape of water, sewage, or oil from any fixed household appliances.

If you take out second home contents insurance, your possessions are covered up to the policy amount. So, for example, any single item of up to £3,000 is covered (unless otherwise stated in your policy). There may be certain provisos, though, such as ensuring that any jewellery, cameras, watches, money, and credit cards are removed when the property is left empty for more than 48 hours.

Loss of rent cover

Up to £25,000 – Applies to confirmed bookings following an insured loss under buildings cover.

Alternative accommodation cover

Following an insured loss under buildings cover, we’ll help you find alternative accommodation if your property is rendered uninhabitable.

Emergency travel

Following an insured loss, your policy will cover travel costs so you can reach your second home.

Public Liability cover

Up to £5 million is included as standard. If you want to let out your second home to paying guests for extra income, you are covered up to £5 million public liability insurance as standard. So, if a tenant injures themselves during their stay and claims for personal injury compensation, your legal costs are covered. In addition, public liability insurance protects you against the financial cost of third-party claims for property damage. Intasure cover both short-and long-term lets.

Swimming pools and hot tubs

We offer protection against damage sustained to swimming pools and hot tubs, which is particularly valuable for second home holiday lets.

Optional accidental damage cover

Our customers who rent out their second homes often choose to extend accidental damage cover to family and tenants.

Optional theft-by-tenant cover

Extends protection to instances where tenants are accused of stealing your belongings.

For the full details of what our policy covers, please check the policy wording.

What does second home insurance not cover?

The following is excluded from our second home policies:

  • Damage caused by faulty workmanship or defective design.
  • Damage caused by pets, moth, or vermin.
  • Malicious damage caused by persons legally in the property.
  • Loss or damage caused by rising groundwater tables.

What is classed as a second home?

We appreciate it’s often hard to decipher the definitions surrounding ‘second homes’ if you’re new to property insurance. So, let’s try to clear things up.

Our policies cover the following:

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What locations does second home insurance cover?

  • UK (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, including the Channel Islands)

Why choose Intasure?

Intasure has nearly 20 years of experience offering home insurance and holiday let protection throughout Europe and further afield, in locations such as the UAE. What’s more, we have a strong relationship with regulatory bodies, which means our fingers are continually on the pulse of industry changes. As such, our insurance policies are continuously evolving to reflect the new risks you might face.

Here are just a handful of the many benefits to purchasing second home insurance with Intasure:

  • We’re specialist holiday home insurers.
  • Policies can be tailored to you with optional covers.
  • We provide high cover levels – for instance, up to £1 million buildings protection.
  • Up to £5 million Public Liability cover as standard.
  • Alternative accommodation and loss of rent cover offered.
  • Enhanced accidental damage cover is available.
  • Optional theft by tenant cover is available.

Get a quote online today or call our friendly team for more information on 0345 111 0680. They are waiting in the wings right now to help provide a policy to suit you. In addition, unlike many other second home insurance providers offering policies overseas, we have an English-speaking UK-based customer service team. That means they can guide you through the process, make amendments to your policy, and handle claims in your native language.

Second home house insurance FAQs

Please note that these Frequently Asked Questions are not a substitute for the policy wording. For full terms and conditions please see the policy documentation.

How much does second home insurance cost?2022-02-07T15:32:38+00:00

This is the key question. That’s because it’s difficult to provide an accurate assessment of how much your policy will cost without first assessing the following variables:

  • Location – is your property located in an in-demand area, like a city centre? If so, it could attract a higher premium.
  • Size – larger properties receive higher insurance costs.
  • Age – well-maintained new builds earn more attractive premiums than older properties needing regular maintenance work.
  • Contents – does your property house expensive items? If so, this can affect the premium you pay.
  • Rebuild cost – make sure to calculate the cost of rebuilding your property accurately. This cost is factored into your buildings cover premium.
How long can I leave my second home unoccupied?2022-02-07T15:31:13+00:00

You can leave your second home unoccupied for 60 consecutive days before cover no longer applies. For context, many other second property and holiday let insurers offer a less generous period of unoccupancy cover.

Does my second home insurance cover buildings and contents?2022-02-07T15:31:27+00:00

At Intasure, we’re here to make your life easier. That’s why we can provide you with cover for both second home buildings insurance and second home contents insurance. Plus, you can bolt on additional protections to standard cover depending on the contents insurance you need. So, whether your holiday home is just for family or you’re planning to rent it out, you’ll have cover all year round.

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*This provides you with a summary of the cover. Policy limits and exclusions may apply, For precise details of cover, including the conditions and exclusions that apply, the policy document itself should be referred to. *Any discounts subject to claims history, excess level & level of security at the property.

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