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Insurance for Cafe’s

Why obtain your Cafe Insurance from Gallagher?

We are a property insurance specialist and have many years experience of providing insurance products in both the UK and Overseas. We provide landlords and Investors with quality insurance products to protect commercial properties and are happy to quote for single or multiple risks on one policy. Obtaining a quote is quick and easy, especially with our call back facility and we are open for longer than normal office hours for your convenience.

Commercial Building risks we provide insurance for include: Restaurants, Cafes, Leisure risks and much more. In many cases, we will also offer insurance quotes for unoccupied commercial buildings.

If you are a Cafe owner, occupying your own property, we can insure your building on a stand-alone policy or you might like to consider one our Intasure business insurance contracts providing comprehensive cover for your building and a wide range of business risks tailor made to your own trade.

What insurance risks do we cover?

Our Commercial Building Insurance covers all the usual perils you would expect to find under a commercial insurance policy wording with accidental damage included as well. Our policy is also acceptable to lenders.

Key benefits can include:

  •  Public liability up to (£5m) cover

  •  Product liability up to (£5m) cover

  •  Employers’ liability up to (£10m) cover

  •  Cancellation period of 30 days

  •  Business interruption cover

  •  Deterioration of stock

  •  Book debts

  •  All risks on specified items

  •  Glass

  •  Money and personal injury

  •  Goods in transit

  •  Loss of licence



Significant Features and Benefits
Cover is provided for an extensive list of perils such as fire, lightning, explosion, storm or flood, earthquake, theft, etc. – see policy booklet.

In addition cover is provided for:

Any permanent structure used for your business at the premises stated in the schedule including:

Under Buildings

  • Landlords’ fixtures and fittings;
  • Walls, gates and fences,
  • Yards and car parks
  • Telephone, gas, water and electric installations, piping, ducting, cables, wires and associated control gear and accessories extending to the public mains which you are responsible to repair or reinstate.
  • Outbuildings, extensions, annexes and gangways;

Under Contents

  • Machinery, plant, fixtures fittings, utensils and all other contents relating to your business at the premises stated in the schedule.
  • Contents in outbuildings, extensions, annexes and gangways.
  • In so far as they are not insured elsewhere your Employees’, directors’, visitors’ and guests’ pedal cycles and personal effects (except motor vehicles) for an amount not exceeding £250 for any one pedal cycle and £500 for all other personal effects of any one employee, director, visitor or guest.


You will normally have to pay the initial policy excess for each claim. This policy excess applies to claims made on the buildings and contents section of your policy. These excesses may vary by your choice and/or underwriting criteria. Your quotation and policy schedule will show the specific excesses applicable to you.


(Depending on the policy cover selected)
The following additional cover can be purchased and will be shown on your Quote Summary or Policy Schedule.

  • Business Interruption – Prevention of access, Public supply undertaking, Property stored, Suppliers or customers.


No cover is provided for the deductible for each peril shown in the schedule. No cover is provided for inbuilt defect, wear and tear and defective workmanship. No cover is provided for frost. No cover is provided for damage caused by or consisting of theft or attempted theft, fraud or dishonesty where any person in your employment or service or any member of your family are concerned as principal or accessory.

Contents specifically excludes:

  • Landlords’ fixtures and fittings
  • Stock
  • Computers
  • Electronic office equipment

All communications, including the policy wordings, are written in plain English with no jargon to ensure you know exactly what is covered.

Any special conditions and terms that may apply will be found in your individual quotation and schedule.

Intasure Customer Reviews

*This provides you with a summary of the cover. For precise details of cover, including the conditions and exclusions that apply, the policy document itself should be referred to.

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