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Electricians’ Commercial Liability Insurance

From fixing a fused light to putting in complete new systems, electricians keep our homes and businesses powered. It’s a highly skilled trade that requires total concentration, whether it’s a quick problem fix or a large-scale project.

We all know just how dangerous electricity can be. If something goes wrong or you make a mistake, the consequences can be severe. Live wires aren’t the only risks you’ll face on the job either. Accidents involving slips and trips or dropped equipment can affect businesses.

What is Electricians’ Liability Insurance?

You have probably heard of public liability insurance. Electricians’ Commercial Liability Insurance takes this protection further as it also encompasses the product liability side of your work. That means that the items you supply and fit as well as your workmanship can be covered too.

  •  Public Liability Insurance – provides protection for either individuals or companies against claims from third parties caused by bodily injury or disease or damage to their property

  •  Products Liability Insurance – provides cover against liabilities arising out of injuries to third parties or damage to their property caused by goods supplied, sold, tested, serviced or repaired. (includes the sale of food and beverages)

  •  Employers Liability Insurance – is a compulsory insurance governed by statute. In this case; the Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969. You are responsible for the health and safety of your employees while they are at work and the definition of an “employee” is very wide, often unpaid helpers & volunteers are considered employees, especially if your business is profiting from their work. You must provide evidence of this type of insurance at your usual work places

Examples of what sorts of risks are covered?

  • Faulty wiring resulting in a fire, causing significant damage to property and injury.
  • You’re working in a loft space and you put your foot through the ceiling below.
  • Your drill catches fire and damages property.

Why do I need Electricians’ Commercial Liability Insurance?

Liability insurance isn’t a legal requirement, but you may want to consider it within your business.

  • You may need to show you have cover to be able to tender for some work, for example for local authorities.
  • If you work as a sub-contractor, many managers will expect you to have cover, or they won’t take you on.

Why choose Intasure?

We understand how hard you work in what can be a risky business. That’s why we provide cover to help protect your business. We also offer options for all types of electricians, from self-employed sole traders to larger companies. If you need it fast for a tender, our team is authorised to get insurance arranged quickly so you won’t miss out.

We offer*:

  • Public & Products Liability up to £10m.
  • Employers’ Liability Insurance up to £10m.
  • Stand-alone policies are also available.
  • We can quote for both high and low risks.

Find out more or buy insurance today

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Benefits of obtaining your Liability Insurance from Intasure.

  •  We have many years of expertise; providing specialist covers

  •  Your enquiry will be professionally handled in the UK

  •  Competitive quotes with no form filling and our quick and easy FREE telephone call-back service

  •  Our team take pride in their responsiveness and customer care, ensuring you have the correct up-to-date cover, handling claims efficiently and answering questions promptly & accurately

  •  Wide policy wordings

  •  A wide variety of trades & occupations can be covered, quotes provided quickly & efficiently

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