Holiday Lets FAQs

Is holiday let insurance mandatory?

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Holiday let insurance isn’t compulsory in the UK, but you should consider some form of insurance. If you have a mortgage for your buy-to-let property, many lenders will require you to have building insurance as a minimum. That said, even if you own your holiday home outright, it’s still a good idea to have insurance

What insurance do you need for a holiday let?

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If you have a mortgage on your buy-to-let, you’ll likely need buildings insurance at a minimum. Many mortgage lenders require that you have buildings insurance in place. However, this only protects the structure of your home from damage and might not provide cover for additional risks. Holiday home insurance is a specialist type of cover

What is Intasure holiday let insurance?

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Intasure is a holiday letting insurance specialist, here to assist homeowners in protecting their properties across more than 20 countries and territories in the EU and beyond – whether they’re occupied or not. Our insurance product is adapted for holiday rental properties to include those little extras you won’t typically find on standard home and

Is there anywhere Intasure doesn’t cover?

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There are a handful of countries from the list above where our cover is limited by exclusions and restrictions. In some countries, you will need to fulfil specific criteria to get holiday let insurance cover. For example, in Italy you must have a Codice Fiscale. This is the equivalent of a National Insurance number, and

How much is holiday let insurance?

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Several variables impact the cost of holiday let insurance. These include the property type, its location, and the number of buildings covered. Here are a few things you could do to help reduce your premium: Pay annually – it can be cheaper to pay for holiday let insurance in one lump sum, rather than spreading

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