Holiday Home FAQs

Do I need special insurance for a holiday let?

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Holiday home insurance isn’t mandatory. That said, most mortgage providers ask you to get buildings insurance at a minimum. However, this is usually basic cover, and only provides protection against damage to the structure of your buy-to-let. This could leave you vulnerable to financial costs if something else goes wrong, whether that’s theft, damage to

How much does holiday home insurance cost?

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The cost of holiday home insurance varies depending on several factors, including: The location of your property – for example, if it’s in a place where flooding is likely, you would expect to pay higher premiums The size of your property – typically, you’d expect to pay higher premiums for a large mansion or villa

How much cover do I need for my holiday home?

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When reviewing home buildings insurance packages, you should ensure that the total cost of repairing partial damage or rebuilding your holiday home is covered. This should include the structure of the building and any permanent fixtures and fittings, including bathrooms. Also, be sure to check that external buildings are covered, such as swimming pools, summer

Do I need public liability insurance for a holiday let?

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While public liability insurance for a holiday let isn’t a legal requirement, it’s typically added to cover as it could protect you from legal costs arising from guests who experience injury, disease, illness, or death during their stay in the event of an insured claim. The word “liability” is important here; if you are considered

Do I legally need holiday home insurance?

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While holiday home insurance isn’t a legal requirement in the UK, some mortgage lenders may require you to take out a policy that includes buildings insurance. In addition, while contents cover isn’t mandatory, you may want to carefully consider including it in your policy. Having suitable cover in place, can help protect your possessions in

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