What are the taxes and other charges applied to my quote?

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The taxes are for Insurance premium tax in the UK or the taxes applicable to the country we are insuring in if outside the UK. The other charges are to cover our administration costs as we have no charges for cancelling, making administrative changes to the policy or payment methods, this way we are completely

What does accidental damage cover include?

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Accidental damage cover is for incidents such as red wine being spilt on the sofa or a football kicked through a window. Under our UK Main Residence Policy and UK Landlords Policy this cover is given as standard, under the Holiday Home Policy it is optional, and if taken covers accidents caused by both yourself

What information is required for a quotation?

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Unless your property is listed or built before 1850 (UK only) we calculate the premium using the type of property (detached, terrace etc), approximate year of build, the number of bedrooms and whether there are any outbuildings or a private swimming pool. Claims made within the last five years may also affect the premium, you

If the swimming pool is polluted due to flood or something like that, is that covered?

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If pool is damaged by an insured peril and this pollutes the pool then there is cover. Are there any exclusions regarding the swimming pool? The following details the exclusions regarding the swimming pool, and below that what the cover provides. Exclusions: Damage to pool structure, covers, filtration plants, heaters & pumps caused by family

If we take this cover out we will pay in sterling, as our property is in the euro zone currency will we be paid in sterling or euros in the event of a claim?

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If you take this policy out paying in sterling then monies you receive in the event of a claim will be paid to you in sterling. If for instance you have £10,000 contents cover and claim to have all of the contents replaced then you will be paid in sterling regardless of the country your

What if the apartment below me is not insured?

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If the other apartments are uninsured then the loss adjustor may take the decision to make a cash payment based on the average of three quotes to rebuild your percentage of the entire block. If for instance it would cost £125,000 to rebuild the whole block and there were four apartments then you would get

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