Protect your second property in Cyprus with holiday home insurance

Owning a holiday home is an opportunity for frequent breaks in the sun. However, long periods away from your property present potential problems. Whether sudden structural issues mean you need to jump on a flight or a natural disaster renders your property uninhabitable, there are several risks to consider.

So, if you’re in the market for a property, see how our Cyprus holiday home insurance could give you greater confidence. And if you’re planning to let it out, why not check out our holiday let insurance?

What is Cyprus holiday home insurance?

Cyprus holiday home insurance provides cover for second properties across the Mediterranean island. The policy offers protection against risks of damage and loss, whether you’re occupying your property or not.

We provide public liability insurance of up to £5 million, which could prove invaluable should a guest raise a claim for compensation against you.

What does holiday home insurance in Cyprus cover?

Intasure offers combined building and contents cover in one policy. We can also provide emergency travel cover, loss of rent, and other forms of protection that are discussed further down this page.

These are brief product descriptions only. Please refer to the policy documentation paying particular attention to the terms and conditions, exclusions, warranties, subjectivities, excesses and any endorsements.

Buildings and contents cover

Whether your property’ structure is damaged or the contents inside are stolen, our buildings and contents cover can help with such situations. We also extend this insurance to outbuildings and swimming pools, which are common features of Cyprus properties.

  • Damage to buildings or contents

    due to natural disasters, such as flooding and fires

  • Escape of water or oil

    from household appliances, such as washing machines and dishwashers

  • Theft

    of household contents

  • Accidental damage

    to household goods, carpets, and sanitary fixtures

  • Loss or damage

    caused by electrical power surges

Public liability cover

Letting out your holiday home in Cyprus can be an excellent way to earn an extra income stream. However, it doesn’t come without risks. As such, we can offer public liability cover up to £5 million for scenarios such as a guest suffering bodily injury whilst staying in your property, or if damage is caused to a third party property.

Emergency travel costs cover

We can cover emergency travel costs if something disastrous happens to your holiday home while you’re out of the country and you need to get there fast. Following a claim, we can also provide alternative accommodation if your property is rendered uninhabitable.

Loss of rent cover

Following a claim, we can cover loss of rent if you can’t let out your property due to insured damage.

Unoccupancy cover

Unoccupancy cover can help to relieve worries about your property when you’re out of the country. Subject to policy terms and conditions, we can cover your property year-round if you visit weekly, monthly, or just for a couple of weeks a year. For example, small issue like a leaky tap when you’re not there turning into escape of water can still be covered even when you’re not staying at the property.

What property types can Intasure cover in Cyprus?

Whether you want to buy a charming little villa in a seaside village, a luxury home in the hills, or a modern apartment in the centre of Nicosia, we aim to help. Here are some of the property types Intasure cover:

  • Villas with pools or hot tubs
  • Apartments
  • Houses, including outbuildings

Why choose Intasure?

We have years of experience with insuring properties in Cyprus, which helps us to ensure our cover is suitable for the countries we provide insurance in.

Here are a few benefits of choose Intasure for your Cyprus Holiday Home Insurance:

  • Customers can tailor insurance to their needs with optional covers

  • Up to £1 million buildings cover and £5 million public liability cover available

  • Cover for short and long-term lets

  • Cover whether the property is occupied or not, for up to 60 days

  • Emergency travel costs for insured claims

  • Loss of rent cover following an insured claim

  • Alternative accommodation costs for insured claims

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Cyprus Holiday Home Insurance FAQ

Please note that these frequently asked questions aren’t a substitute for the policy wording. For full terms and conditions, please see the policy documentation.

The cost of holiday home insurance varies depending on several factors, including:

  • Your property’s location– for example, areas in close proximity to rivers, seas or other bodies of water, could result in higher premiums
  • The size of your property– larger properties tend to attract higher premiums
  • The contents within your property – storing high-value contents in your property can result in greater insurance costs

It’s a good idea to consider both buildings and contents insurance. Together, they can provide cover for your property’s structure and contents, including natural disasters and accidental damage.

As with most countries, holiday homeowners aren’t legally required to buy home insurance. Having said this, wherever you live in Cyprus, there are risks. There’s the threat of natural disasters, theft, and unruly guests, to name but a few. Intasure’s insurance policy can help to protect you against these risks.

Our mission as second home insurance specialists

We comprise of an in-house team of sales, renewals, customer service, claims, and underwriting specialists. Our aim is to help you find property insurance that suits your needs.


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