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Students Contents Insurance

Heading off to university or college is the start of your adult life, and one of the biggest adventures you’ll ever have. It’s an exciting time, filled with new challenges, including setting up your first independent home. Whether you’re in halls of residence or private rented accommodation, you’ll likely have your most important possessions with you.

However, communal living comes with a unique set of challenges. It means your possessions are not always as secure as you might like them to be, and if you’re in private rented accommodation then the property may not be as secure as you’d like. To help protect yourself against the cost of replacing your possessions, student contents insurance offers you a little extra peace of mind.

Managing the cost of student possessions insurance

There is no such thing as a ‘rich’ student, which means you are going to need to manage your money very carefully! To make sure you can afford student home contents insurance, we have developed competitively priced student contents insurance policies that mean you can protect your belongings while you’re living in rented accommodation, without eating too far into your finances.

Our contents insurance for students in rented accommodation is designed specifically to give you the cover you may need. It can be easy and quick to set up a policy, giving you the reassurance that if something does happen, you can replace what you’ve lost and get on with your studies.

Having your belongings stolen or being held responsible for damages to your property can be a huge burden, which is why it is so important that you consider student contents insurance. You can fill in an online quote form and receive a call back from our sales team.

Students Home Insurance

Not only are you responsible for your possessions, but your landlord will expect you to take care of their property too. As a tenant, your landlord may expect you to pay for any damage to the fixture and fittings and/or any furnishing, if the property is already furnished, whether it was caused by you or one of your housemates. That may not seem fair, but it is often a stipulation of your rental agreement, especially in multi-occupancy shared accommodation.

Your landlord should have a home insurance policy that will cover the building’s structure, and may also have landlord’s insurance. However, these policies often don’t cover furnishings, which is why they will often pass on the cost of any repairs onto the tenant.

To help protect yourself against the potential financial impact of a bill from your landlord for damage to property, you should consider having student house insurance in place. Intasure’s student home insurance provides up to £4,000 towards theft and damages as well as*:

  •   Specified perils- these include; fire, explosions, lightning, smoke, theft, storm and escape of water
  •  Protection against accidental damage to service pipes and service cables
  •  Cover for loss or theft of keys – this will also help pay towards the cost of replacing locks

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It can be easy to get insured with Intasure

Whether you are looking for student personal possessions insurance, or cover that will give you extra protection against loss or theft, our contents insurance for students in rented accommodation can help. We have over 15 years’ experience providing insurance for many types of clients, including students. Talk to one of our sales team and you could be heading off to university with suitable insurance in place, and at a competitive price, too.

To get a student contents insurance quote fill out our online quote form or contact us on 0345 111 0680 today.

*This provides you with a summary of the cover. For precise details of cover, including the conditions and exclusions that apply, the policy document itself should be referred to.

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