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Have you arranged your compulsory DASK Insurance (TCIP)?

In the UK, we very rarely experience extreme environmental disasters, and while we might have the odd earthquake or two occasionally, they are very minor and rarely cause any structural damage to property.

However, if you own a property in Turkey, things can be very different. Turkey is in an earthquake zone and while major tremors are very rare there too, when they do happen they can have a very serious effect on buildings. For the thousands of Brits who own holiday homes in Turkey, this is a very real concern as it can take just a few seconds of shaking to cause real damage to a structure.

To ensure that your Turkish holiday home has cover, you need an additional level of insurance known as DASK or TCIP insurance.

What is TCIP? – Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool

TCIP is Compulsory Earthquake Insurance provided by the Turkish Government. Available to everyone who has a property in Turkey, it’s insurance to award compensation to cover the costs of material damages on dwellings caused by earthquakes, as well as possible fires, explosions, tsunamis and landslides that are a direct result of the earthquake.

While there will be limits within the policy (as you would expect with any house insurance cover), it does mean that you have additional protection for this very specific (and potentially devastating) type of damage.

DASK insurance has been specifically designed by the Turkish Government to give its residents (and those who own property in Turkey but may not live there all the time) cover in the aftermath of an earthquake, and the funds to rebuild or repair their property.

DASK cover is an additional form of insurance and is compulsory for all homeowners in Turkey. It stands for Doğal Afet Sigortaları Kurumu (Compulsory Earthquake Insurance).

How do I get DASK insurance?

If you’re new to the Turkish property market, you may have questions about DASK insurance and how to make sure you’re properly covered within the remits of Turkish legislation. At Intasure we can arrange a DASK insurance policy on your behalf.

We do need to ask for some information from you before we go ahead and arrange your DASK insurance, and we’ll also need some documentation from you.

In order to obtain a quotation for you, we require:

  •  A copy of your TAPU (Title deeds).

  •  Passport numbers for all those named on the TAPU.

  •  Turkish Tax Reference numbers for all those named on the TAPU.

  •  The size of your property in m2 (including any balconies and terraces).

  •  The full Turkish address of the property.

  •  A live Intasure Holiday Home Policy must exist for the same address.

Intasure exclude cover for damages caused by Earthquake unless there is a valid DASK Insurance policy in place.

*Dask excludes

  •  Debris removal costs

  •  Losses which are not caused by Earthquake

  •  Loss of rent

  •  Non-material damages

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A live Intasure Holiday Home Policy must exist for the same address for us to be able to provide this for you. You can talk to one of sales team so that they can put together a package for you that includes both your Holiday Home insurance, as well as your DASK insurance.

If you’re planning on renting your property out (a great way to create an additional stream of income from your Turkish holiday home!) we can also include Public Liability insurance of up to £5million* to help protect you from insured claims arising due to personal injury or damage to their property.

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If you have any questions about DASK insurance and house and contents cover for property in Turkey, talk to us today. Simply call us on 0345 111 0680 and we’ll be happy to help

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*For full terms, conditions and exclusions relating to DASK Insurance, please refer to the DASK website: www.tcip.gov.tr

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