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What is DASK Earthquake Insurance?

DASK insurance is a mandatory cover that helps to protect your property in Turkey from financial losses caused by natural disasters, such as earthquakes.

Turkey lies in an active seismic zone, which typically endures more earthquakes than many other countries. As recently as 2020 an earthquake hit, resulting in 41 deaths and hundreds of injuries.

It’s for this reason that DASK insurance is critical. Learn about how Intasure’s Turkey holiday home insurance can keep you and your property safe, below.

Is DASK Insurance compulsory?

Yes, the Turkish government requires all homeowners to have DASK insurance, also called “compulsory earthquake insurance.” For context, it’s a policy established by the World Bank and Turkish Government, provided by the Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool.

DASK policies are revised annually. And the Turkish government makes it compulsory for people to stay up-to-date with potential changes in rules or regulations. You might not be asked to show proof of your DASK insurance but understand that you must have a policy when selling your home.

What does DASK Insurance cover?

DASK insurance reimburses you for costs associated with material damage to dwellings caused by earthquakes. In addition, incidents directly related to earthquakes are covered, such as fires or explosions, tsunamis, and landslides. Whether your home has suffered minor or severe damage, DASK insurance covers the financial losses, including:

  • Foundations – structural issues to your property that require attention.
  • Walls – any damage to inside or outside walls.
  • Ceiling and floors – holes, structural damage, and more.
  • Roofs – damage to the exterior or interior side of the roof.
  • Stairs – all possible negative impacts to the structure.

How do I get DASK Insurance?

If you’re unfamiliar with the Turkish property market, you’ll need information about covering your property in line with local legislation. That’s where we can help. At Intasure, we will find out more about your property and arrange a DASK insurance policy that helps to mitigate against relevant risks.

In order to obtain a quotation for you, we require:

  •  A copy of your TAPU (Title deeds).

  •  Passport numbers for all those named on the TAPU.

  •  Turkish Tax Reference numbers for all those named on the TAPU.

  •  The size of your property in m2 (including any balconies and terraces).

  •  The full Turkish address of the property.

  •  A live Intasure Holiday Home Policy must exist for the same address.

Why choose Intasure?

We keep up with Turkey’s changes in rules and regulations, so you don’t have to. That includes communicating with foreign authorities and adapting our policies when required. Here are a couple of other reasons why many property owners in Turkey choose to work with us:

  • We specialise in insuring Turkish properties.
  • We offer a single, comprehensive package covering your holiday home with buildings, contents, public liability, and earthquake insurance.

DASK Insurance FAQs

Please note that these Frequently Asked Questions aren’t a substitute for the policy wording. For full terms and conditions, please see the policy documentation.

What is not covered by DASK insurance?2022-04-26T14:20:04+01:00

DASK earthquake insurance does not cover the following:

  • Debris removal costs
  • Losses not caused by earthquakes
  • Loss of rent
  • Non-material damages

Our Turkish holiday home package can cover debris removal, demolition costs (up to £10,000), and loss of rent. So, you can consider our holiday home insurance policy in addition to DASK insurance if these forms of cover are important to you.

Does home insurance cover DASK insurance?2022-04-26T14:18:12+01:00

No, DASK is a separate form of cover from home insurance. Therefore, you may either take out DASK insurance on its own or both DASK and home insurance. Even though home insurance covers damage or loss caused by a natural disaster, you must take out DASK first.

Incidentally, earthquake insurance does not cover the contents of your property, so you’ll have to get additional insurance to protect any valuables within your house.

Do I legally need DASK earthquake insurance in Turkey?2022-04-26T14:17:20+01:00

Yes, unlike conventional home insurance, DASK insurance is a legal requirement across Turkey.

How much does DASK insurance cost?2022-04-26T14:16:36+01:00

DASK insurance costs vary depending on risk levels in your region (there are 15 different tariff rates with five risk zones). It also changes depending on your property’s structure— for example, whether it is made from steel, concrete, stone masonry, or another material. The property size and number of floors also impact cost.

DASK premiums are revised annually, and the TCIP (Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool) ensures they are kept affordable. But please be mindful that Istanbul is in a high-risk geographical zone with higher premiums.

Want to save money on your premium? Well, if you renew your DASK insurance annually within 30 days of the end date, you will receive a 10% renewal discount applied in line with the construction date of your property and number of floors.

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A live Intasure Holiday Home Policy must exist for the same address for us to be able to provide this for you. You can talk to one of sales team so that they can put together a package for you that includes both your Holiday Home insurance, as well as your DASK insurance.

If you have any questions about DASK insurance and house and contents cover for property in Turkey, talk to us today. Simply call us on 0345 111 0680 and we’ll be happy to help

*For full terms, conditions and exclusions relating to DASK Insurance, please refer to the DASK website: www.tcip.gov.tr

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