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UK holidaymakers have a genuine love affair with France—and it’s easy to see why. The country’s stunning countryside, mild climate, and charming medieval market towns culminate in a first-class getaway destination. It’s perhaps also for this reason that growing numbers of us are buying holiday homes here.

However, if you own a French property, you should first heed caution and think about putting precautions in place to protect your holiday home from potential hazards. For instance, Intasure’s holiday home insurance can safeguard you against natural disasters, such as floods and storms, as well as damage caused by paying guests.

Ready to protect your villa, chalet, or apartment in France? Speak to our friendly team today about organising insurance for your property.

What is French holiday home insurance?

Whether you’re living permanently in France or just head there to catch some rays in the summer, you may want to think about taking steps to protect your asset. Through Intasure you can arrange holiday home and holiday let insurance cover in France.

There are several reasons why this is so important. For one, when applying for a mortgage, you may need to demonstrate that you have adequate home insurance. In addition, there are risks of natural disasters, destructive guests, theft, accidental damage, and more.

France has similar rules and regulations to the UK regarding home and contents insurance, but there are subtle differences. That’s why you may want to consider talking to a provider with vast experience dealing with French holiday home insurance — like Intasure.

What does holiday home insurance in France cover?

French property insurance protects your investment against similar risks to those found in the UK, such as fire, flood damage, theft, and accidental damage. Public liability cover up to £5 million is also included as standard, while certain restrictions (covered below) apply.

Whether you’re only at your property every few months or are there living permanently, we can help.

To make sure you receive appropriate cover for your French property, you should first understand exactly what might need protecting. For example, many villas in the south of France have swimming pools, garages, and outbuildings, all of which Intasure can cover as part of your French property insurance policy.

Intasure offer protection whether you let your holiday home out, lend it to friends and family or use it personally. Below is a summary of the cover available.

Buildings and Contents Insurance

As you would expect with a residential home insurance policy, our France holiday home insurance includes buildings and contents cover. Our policies go further than a standard home insurance policy, offering liability insurance for risks posed by guests.

Intasure buildings and contents insurance covers a vast array of scenarios, including:

  • Damage to buildings and contents caused by natural disasters, such as fires, lightning, avalanches, and floods.
  • Escaped water, sewage, or oil from household appliances, such as washing machines or dishwashers.
  • Loss or damage caused by electrical power surges.

  • Theft

  • Accidental damage.

Public liability cover

Many homeowners rent out their French holiday homes or static caravans for extra income. However, if a guest is injured or their property is damaged while they’re staying at your holiday let, they could potentially put in a compensation claim.

Therefore, public liability protection exists to safeguard your finances from the cost of an insured claim, including your legal costs, if a claim goes to court. You may also find that some agencies won’t list your property as a holiday let unless you have public liability cover, so it’s sometimes essential if you want to rent out your second home.

Emergency travel cover

Short flights are one of the many reasons Brits may choose to own second homes across the channel. The relatively short distance to your holiday home can prove handy when emergencies happen. However, if you do need to travel quickly following an emergency, booking last minute flights could be expensive.

Our policies include emergency travel cover, so in the event of an insured claim we’ll cover the costs of emergency travel to your property.

With no need to worry about costs spiralling you can travel to your property as soon as possible to get things back on track.

Loss of rent cover

If you rely on rent garnered from letting your property out to paying guests, you might not be able to afford to lose out on forecasted earnings.

Following an insured claim, we can support you financially to cover rent you were due to earn before damage to your property rendered it uninhabitable, and you were forced to turn eager guests away.

Alternative accommodation

In a scenario where your property can no longer be lived in due to an insured claim for damage, our policies can cover the costs of alternative accommodation for you or your guests to stay at.

Year-round cover

Despite France being a relatively short hop from the UK by air or road, the nature of a second holiday home means your property may be regularly unoccupied.

Our policies can take the weight off your shoulders, by offering cover whether the property is occupied or not. Under the policy your property will be protected for up to 60 days of unoccupancy for loss of metered water or oil.

This means that your property can be safeguarded during much of the winter season and ready to house guests when the holiday seasons begin again.

What does France holiday home insurance not cover?

Our policies offer a wide range of covers, however there are some restrictions to what we can cover, including the below:

  • Damage caused by faulty workmanship or defective design.

  • Damage caused by a pet.

  • Malicious damage by persons lawfully in the home.

  • Loss, damage, or liability caused by terrorism.

See our full policy wording for further details on cover levels, exclusions, and restrictions.

What types of property in France do we cover?

There’s a wide variety of property types for holidaymakers to enjoy in France. So Intasure offer cover for a broad range of French properties, including:

Why choose Intasure for France holiday home insurance?

We provide holiday home insurance for nearly every region of France, offering:

  • An English-speaking, UK-based customer service team.
  • Policies tailored to your needs with optional covers available.
  • Specialist knowledge of the rules and regulations surrounding property insurance in France.
  • High levels of protection – Up to £1 million buildings cover and £5 million public liability.
  • Emergency travel expenses after an insured claim.
  • Protection against damage during short or long-term lets.
  • Cover for loss of rental income following an insured claim.
  • Cover when unoccupied (up to 60 days).

Choose Intasure as your insurance provider and get cover for your holiday home with support from our experienced team.

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Holiday Home Insurance France FAQs

Please note that these Frequently Asked Questions are not a substitute for the policy wording. For full terms and conditions please see the policy documentation.

Do I legally need holiday home insurance for my French property?2022-02-14T09:57:26+00:00

The simple answer is no. Holiday home insurance is not a legal requirement for French property. However, it maybe worth considering as it can safeguard your property from several risks, including accidental damage, natural disaster, theft and liability.

How much does holiday home insurance in France cost?2022-02-14T09:57:50+00:00

Various factors affect the price that insurers quote for holiday home insurance. The following factors will shape the premium you are quoted:

  • Location – beachside, ski resort, and city centre properties cost more to insure than properties in lower-demand areas.
  • Size – large properties attract higher premiums than smaller properties. In addition, villas and homes with outbuildings can also increase costs.
  • Age – well-maintained new builds are typically less expensive to insure than older properties.
  • Contents – housing high-value items in your French holiday home can affect the premium you pay.
Holiday home insurance vs home insurance – Is their a difference?2022-02-14T09:59:24+00:00

There are some similarities between holiday home insurance and cover for your primary residence. For example, it is usually important to cover the building itself and its contents. However, properties in France often have pools and outbuildings, which may also need protection against risks. That’s where Intasure can help.
What’s more, our protection provides public liability cover up to £5 million, safeguarding your finances from potential claims made by or against guests.

Can Intasure holiday home insurance in France cover non-UK residents?2022-02-14T10:00:41+00:00

Yes, you don’t need to be a UK resident. Get in touch with our team and we’ll discuss how we can assist you.

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