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Intasure to continue offering overseas holiday home insurance after Brexit

Intasure, and our parent company Gallagher, have developed a solution to enable us to continue servicing our customers after the Brexit transition period ends on 31st December 2020.

Work commenced on a programme of activity in 2018 to enable a Gallagher company to help service customers after transition. We have an established subsidiary of the Gallagher group in Sweden, called Nordic Försäkring & Riskhantering AB (“Nordic”), which holds the necessary regulatory permissions and appropriate licences to operate in all EEA territories. The work was completed last year, and has been placed on hold until we obtain certainty regarding the future of passporting and whether ‘equivalence’ will be sustainable to allow us to continue trading within our current model.

Whilst the transition period is under way, our business continues to meet on a regular basis to monitor any further information or guidance received from the UK Parliament, the EU and/or regulators to confirm whether there is any material change needed to our approach or schedule.

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