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Do you have a holiday home in the land of the pyramids? Or are you thinking about buying a bolt hole for your next adventure? If yes is the answer to either of these questions, you may want to explore our holiday home insurance options. The same goes for our holiday let insurance if you’re considering renting out your Egyptian home to guests.

Whether you’re looking for a grand seaside villa or a smaller modern apartment, Intasure offers insurance that can help protect your finances from potential risks. We can also help explain some local rules and regulations, to help ensure that you’re more adequately covered. So, whether it’s Sharm el-Sheik or the ancient city of Cairo that takes your fancy, speak to Intasure first.

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What is Egypt holiday home insurance?

Holiday home insurance in Egypt is similar to the policy on your primary residence, aside from one big difference. Since holiday homes are left unoccupied for long periods, you may want cover that protects against these risks — and that’s what holiday home insurance can do.

For instance, if someone breaks into your property or severe weather conditions damage the structure of your house, holiday home insurance can act as a safety net. In essence, it considers more risks than a standard home insurance policy, helping to protect your most valuable assets from financial loss to contents damage.

What does Egypt holiday home insurance cover?

Holiday home insurance can help safeguard your finances from several potential risks. At Intasure, we provide you with buildings and contents insurance as part of the same package, as well as public liability protection (an essential piece of cover for those looking to welcome paying guests). We also offer several other forms of insurance, such as loss of rent and occupancy cover.

Whether you let your holiday home out, lend it to friends and family, or use it for trips away, we have created an insurance policy that can help meet your requirements.

Buildings and contents insurance

This insurance can help protect your finances from any damage or loss inflicted upon your property or the contents inside. If you plan on spending extended periods away from your second home, buildings and contents insurance should be the minimum amount of cover you purchase. Why? Because it protects against the following*:

  • Damage caused to buildings or contents due to natural disasters, such as fires, earthquakes, flash floods, etc.
  • Escaped water, sewage, or oil from household appliances, such as washing machines or dishwashers.
  • Loss or damage caused by electrical power surges.
  • Theft
  • Accidental damage to household goods such as fixed glass, sanitary fixtures.

* Please refer to your policy details.

Public liability cover

Public liability cover could prove essential if you decide to rent out your second property to paying guests. Following a claim, public liability can help cover accidental damage, theft loss, injury, or illness costs. We offer liability cover up to £5 million as standard.

Emergency travel costs cover

Travelling to Egypt can be expensive. So, you’ll be pleased to hear that, following a claim, our emergency travel cover takes care of any costs associated with travelling to your property in the event of a disaster. This protection could prove invaluable should severe weather damage the structural integrity of your house, or a pipe burst leads to flooding, for example. It’s just one of the ways we try to reduce the stress of owning a holiday home abroad.

Loss of rent cover

Loss of rent cover ensures you don’t lose out on income from confirmed bookings if your holiday home isn’t fit for housing paying guests. Reasons could range from severe weather to theft or flooded living spaces. If you are forced to cancel confirmed bookings, loss of rent cover steps in and offers reimbursement.

Unoccupancy and alternative accommodation cover 

Planning to spend time away from your holiday home? No problem. Choose Intasure, and you’ll have protection whether you are at the property or not. We also cover for up to 60 days unoccupancy when there is escaped metered water or oil.

What is not covered by Egypt holiday home insurance?

Even though our holiday home insurance is far-reaching, there are a handful of limitations, including:

  • Damage caused by faulty workmanship or defective design.
  • Damage caused by a pet.
  • Malicious damage by persons lawfully in the home.
  • Loss, damage, or liability caused by terrorism.

For a full list of limitations, please read the full policy documentation.

What properties can I cover?

Whether you’re lucky enough to own a substantial seaside villa or a beachfront apartment, Intasure covers several property types in Egypt, including:

  • Private villas and villa communities.
  • Apartments
  • Townhouses

How much does Egypt holiday home insurance cost?

Several factors impact the cost of holiday home insurance, including:

  • The size of your property – the larger the property, the higher the premium you will pay.
  • The age and condition of your property – a modern dwelling with no need for renovations will typically receive lower premiums.
  • The contents within your property – if there are several high-value possessions in your property, insurance can cost more.
  • The facilities on your property’s land – extra facilities, such as swimming pools or outbuildings, can push up the cost of your premium.

Why choose Intasure?

Intasure is au fait with the different rules and regulations in overseas markets, such as in Egypt. We also contact the relevant authorities abroad to stay abreast of changes and adapt our policies accordingly.

Choose Intasure, and you will receive:

  • Specialist knowledge of insuring properties in Egypt.
  • Knowledge in foreign laws and tax requirements for second property insurance.
  • Policies which can be tailored to the level of cover you need.
  • £1 million buildings cover and £5 million public liability.

Intasure is an entirely English-speaking company. As a result, you’ll never experience communication issues when inquiring about property-related matters. 

Holiday Home Insurance Egypt FAQs

Please note that these Frequently Asked Questions are not a substitute for the policy wording. For full terms and conditions, please see the policy documentation.

Will a standard home insurance policy cover holiday homes?2022-05-24T11:06:45+01:00

In short, no. The risks associated with owning a holiday home are typically greater than those surrounding a primary residence. This is partly due to long periods of unoccupancy. You may also want to consider public liability, loss of rent, unoccupancy cover, and emergency travel costs protection.

What insurance do I need for a holiday let in Egypt?2022-05-24T11:06:03+01:00

If you are thinking about purchasing a second home in Egypt as a buy to let, you may want to include public liability. In doing so, you can safeguard your finances against the potential risks associated with having holidaymakers stay at your property. Protection against accidental damage, theft, loss, injury, and illness is included within this cover.

Is holiday home insurance mandatory in Egypt?2022-05-24T11:05:24+01:00

Holiday home insurance isn’t mandatory in Egypt. However, it could prove invaluable if you plan to spend periods away from your property.

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*This provides you with a summary of the cover. For precise details of cover, including the conditions and exclusions that apply, the policy document itself should be referred to.

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